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Soul Connection Circle

In person gathering
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada TBC

Virtual Zoom gathering TBC

This gathering is designed for those curious about strengthening their connection to their own soul: the wisdom, guidance and love available at all times. It is also for those looking for community and connection to others walking similar spiritual paths.

We are shifting strongly into the time of the collective. Let’s ride these waves of healing and higher vibrations together!

Zoom link provided upon sign-up

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This workshop will include:

Facilitated check-ins where each person introduces themselves and shares something about what called them into the circle (as much as you are comfortable with)
Experience with practical tools to connect to soul and spirit guides
Facilitated conversations to learn from and with each other


Introduction to Channeling and what it is
Channeled experience
where Miranda will open up to channeled wisdom for the specific group gathered at that specific moment in time, with the opportunity for questions from the group
Take home tools and practices

Miranda is so gifted, and a true gift to this world! She is so extremely kind, gentle, empathetic, and non-judgemental. She creates a safe space for you to connect with each other and with spirit. I felt incredibly safe and comfortable sharing this intimate space with Miranda and I would recommend anyone interested in spirituality to book a session with her ASAP!!

Charlotte G.
Nova Scotia, Canada


Starseed Parents Circle – Aspirational

Virtual Zoom meeting
By appointment

Do you see your awakened children and wonder how to best support their journey? Do you have a knowing that parenting your kiddos needs to be drastically different then how you were raised? Do you resonate with the upshift in consciousness and wonder how to translate this into new parenting approaches and styles?

Let’s come together ‘in circle’ with like-minded starseed/empath parents, who are opening up on their spiritual path. We can share together ways that our parenting is evolving as we are evolving. Coming back to the central journey of: How can we best support our kiddos and their soul’s journey in this incarnation?

If this is of interest to you, please contact me by email.

If you’d like undivided attention, book an appointment with Miranda today.