Support Types

Are you looking to feel lighter and brighter in your life?
Do you have a knowing that life can be more about thriving than surviving?

Connecting with your team in spirit of highest light and resonance through Channeling and the Akashic Records can support you if you are:

• Working with trauma, depression, or anxiety
• Feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed
• Processing with grief or fear


I have been gifted these healing modalities to heal myself and now am able to offer the same freedom to others who resonate with my path.

During and after sessions clients share feelings of:

• Safety and love
• Peace, support, encouragement and being deeply seen
• Clarity and understanding
• Confirmation and affirmation
• Deep healing, release and relief (i.e., feeling 100 lbs lighter)
• Comfort in knowing they have a supportive team of guides with them at all times
• Being more connected and aware of support in spirit

I loved how it didn’t feel like an experience I was witnessing, it was one I felt involved in. It felt very comfortable and I appreciated your light-heartedness through it all which made something that was otherworldly feel easily accepted.

East Coast Reiki
Nova Scotia, Canada

Feel the love & support available to you at all times, book an appointment with Miranda today.