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My Soul Vision is to co-create transformational energy work that ignites inter-generational ascension, allowing people and communities to live in the frequency of love, expanding connection, joy and peace.

Through exploring our magical hearts, multi-dimensional journeys of love and light are available to us all. If you are on a healing journey and have a deep knowing that things can feel better, feel lighter, feel brighter - you are right! They can! You can!

Spirit is more available than ever at this time. We are in an awakening time, where we can connect more strongly to our souls' wisdom and guidance.

Spirit wants you to know how powerful you are! We are powerful creators! By learning to co-create better with our team in spirit we can better co-create the realities that are more desirable: more abundant, loving, fulfilling, peaceful, joyful, and easeful. 

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Healing Services


Akashic Record Readings and Clearings

The Akashic Records are a full record of everything in the universe, like ‘cloud’ storage. Any individual can access this record of every thought, deed, word, feeling and intention. There are Akashic Records for any of your businesses as well.


Connecting to a child who has passed

This offering specifically connects a parent to a child who has passed (including miscarriages, abortion, death by suicide etc.) in order to support healing, process grief and gain a broader soul perspective on their life's purpose in this incarnation.

Upcoming Events

Miranda is passionate that we can all learn ways to strengthen our relationship with Soul and Spirit. She runs regular workshops offering experience with practical tools to bring your Soul’s love and guidance into your day-to-day and channeled messages from Spirit Guides.


Soul Connection Circle

This gathering is designed for those curious about strengthening their connection to their own soul: the wisdom, guidance and love available at all times. It is also for those looking for community and connection to others walking similar spiritual paths.


Starseed Parents Circle

I would like to be ‘in circle’ with like-minded starseed/empath parents, who are opening up on their spiritual path and being good parents for beautiful sensitive souls.

Support on Offer

There is infinite love, support and guidance available to you. You only have to ask! Through channeling and Akashic Records co-creations we strengthen the connections between you and your team of highest light and resonance, so that they are more available to you going forward. This is about learning how to be in connection to love and oneness.

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About Miranda Cobb

Miranda is an empath, intuitive and channel. Miranda channels beings of love and light from many different dimensions including the Akashic Records. She offers her gifts of Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Claircognizance (clear knowing), and sometimes Clairalience (clear smelling) or clairgustance (clear tasting).

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